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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Graffiti is a way of living for most artist.Surviving off people buying prints, witch isn't the best business for a graffiti artist because their real art is out there in the world, not able to bring home or to go anywhere. I’m really into the more artful kind of graffiti, and some forms of so called tagging. Tagging is a way to get your name out, or to mark gang territory.Tagging first started in the 60’s, it was mostly gangs signs then, around the late 60’s Taki 183 started tagging subway trains to get his name out, shortly after others started doing the same.I think tagging can be ugly in most cases, but their are some places that allow it, sometimes the whole place is covered up by peoples names.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

What happened the other week in France, shook the hole world of art. Every artist and writer is proving that we have the right to say what ever or draw whatever. Many artist are are even going to be more vulgar with what they say, even tho being passive-aggressive about what happened inst the best thing we could do. This has really gotten attention from artist all around the world, bringing the art culture somewhat closer together. This is a link to that talks about what is happening with the shooting and what is really happening. ""hooting/"

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This was done by virus in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Famous 5pointz

This website is about the famous "5pointz" and how they want to become an art school and a art museum. The purpose of this website is to try to show upcoming events and to find supporters to help them start their art school/museum. Anyone who is interested in graffiti should really check this out.

Just an overview

Michael DeNotto’s article “Street art and graffiti Resources for online study” claims that graffiti has been around for thousands of years! In his article, it states “The word graffiti comes from the Italian graffare meaning to scratch, as in on a surface. Yet, today the term graffiti means any sort of unsanctioned application of a substance, whether it is spray paint, pencil markings, or even stickers.From the graffiti scrawled on the walls of the ancient city of Pompeii…” Pompeii was around the first century A.D. DeNotto is just summarizing the history of how graffiti came to be today. This article is for anyone interested in learning more about graffiti.


This website is has a lot of great information on the history, and interviews with artist.The purpose of this website is to spread the word of this art form. Anyone who wants to know more of what its like to be a graffiti artist. This is another link to their blog.

 A mural by Mr. Wany in Kualu Lumpur, MaylasiaFile:Mr. Wany's work-in-progress artwork for Kul Sign Festival.JPG
Speaking with Onur Dinc
This was done by Onur Dinc at "5pointz" in queens, New York city

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Adventurous and Dangerous Graffiti, why risk it?

I want to learn more about graffiti culture and where it originated from. I have always had an interest in art, i grew up in a family of artist so of course I would. Graffiti means more to me the spray painting a name on something, graffiti is an adventure, some people even risk to spend their lives in prison to put their art on something that the world may never see, or in some cases the hole world sees. i want to know why people risk to do that, were did this form of expression come from?

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